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Why use a whole house humidifier???

Low indoor humidity during the winter months - and year-round if you live in certain climates - often spells trouble for you and your home. Dry air symptoms like itchy dry skin, parched lips, respiratory irritation, and nasal allergies can all be triggered by low humidity. When it comes to your home, chronically dry air undermines your home’s infrastructure, causing walls, woodwork, and hardwood floors to crack. Even your electronics can fall victim to harsh static electricity. To protect yourself, your belongings, and your home, opt for a ducted whole house humidifier. 

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How it operates

When connected to your HVAC system, the Aprilaire Model 700/700M Flow-Through Whole House Humidifier humidifies your home using a natural evaporation process.

  • Step 1: When the humidifier controller triggers a need for more humidity, water automatically flows from the connected water line into a distribution tray located at the top of the humidifier. Water is distributed evenly across the width of this tray and directed to flow over Aprilaire’s patented Water Panel evaporator into the heart of the humidifier.

  • Step 2: Moisture from the distribution tray is then evaporated into the incoming dry air, creating comfortably humidified air. Humidified air is then distributed throughout your home through your HVAC system’s return duct.  

It can easily be controlled by a Humidstat that has a easy turn dial setting switch.

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