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What is The Cool Club? | Rockwall, Texas

As we've covered previously, Planned Maintenance plans are the best bang for your buck. Our owner, Clint Brown, created his version of a maintenance plan; The Cool Club.

Being a member of Our Cool Club means you have access to a higher level of service. A monkey can change a filter, and screw on a set a of gauges, but we strive to make the entire experience BETTER.

When you join the Cool Club, you join Our Family. We take extra time to get to know You & Your home. This gives Cool Casa a Holistic, Bird's eye-view of your home's comfort envelope. When we know your homes limitations, we learn how to over-come those challenges, and will always present you with the best options.

As part of the Cool Club, you'll also get exclusive discounts and promotions that we DO NOT offer to other customers. Your loyalty means everything to us, and we reward that loyalty Deals we don't offer normal clients.

So, what is the Cool Club?

It's like a VIP card for your House.

It feels good to find Your Guy.

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