What is the 10/10/Forever Warranty?

Even the very best machines, are still machines; Machines break. When that moment hits you, it feels good to know , "I don't have to worry.". That's what the 10/10/Forever Warranty means.

Every manufacturer offers some level of warranty on their equipment, and every contractor offers some level of workmanship warranty. The details vary by brand/company, but industry standard warranty is 5 YEAR PARTS/1 YEAR LABOR.

The details are where Cool Casa stands out. We have a lot of experience with every brand of equipment, and we CHOOSE to install Amana equipment, in part, because of their unrivalled LIFETIME WARRANTIES(call for details). We know how to install your air conditioning system, so that we are CONFIDENT it will sit there and run for years, with the proper maintenance. That's why we EXTEND the labor portion up to 10 years, as long as you maintain a Cool Club membership!!!

So, with an Amana air conditioning system installed by Cool Casa, you get :


10 YEAR LABOR(Cool Club membership required)

Forever on your Compressor(mfg details apply)

Forever on your Heat Exchanger(mfg details apply)

You just found your Guy.

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