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These 5 Checklist Items Tell You When To Buy a New HVAC System | Rockwall, Texas

Everyone in the Rockwall and Dallas areas know that having a working HVAC system isn't just nice, it's Vital to survival. How do you know when it's the right time to repair, or the right time to replace your existing air conditioning and heating system?

If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll know if it makes sense to repair your clunker A/C, or upgrade to new system.

1. Your System is Over 10 Years Old

Different Manufacturers have different warranties. Many Air conditioners have a 5 year warranty on their compressors, capacitors, and other parts. Most can be extended to a 10 year parts/labor warranty, but, after that, you're usually on your own. If your system is over 10, it has also seen a lot of wear and tear, and is likely using dated technology.

2. Your System isn't Maintaining Temperature

As systems age, they lose heat transfer efficiency(they can't get rid of their heat as well), and this can cause your air conditioning system run and run, but never drop the temperature in the heat of the day. This can also affect heating, and is normally seen as a furnace turning on and off, although the home doesn't get warm

3. Old Technology

Some things get better with age, your Air conditioning and heating system isn't one of them. Every year there are advances in comfort technologies, and while some are gimmicks, some have become 'must haves' do to the dramatic increase in efficiency or comfort that they provide your home. Does your system have an old reciprocal compressor? Sometimes, old technology is a safety issue. Does your system have a clam-shell heat exchanger?(ASK your Cool Casa Tech!!)

4. Repairs are TOO Expensive

Breakdowns can happen, but when do you fix and when do your replace? The general rule of thumb for this is: If the system is out of warranty, and the repair is going to be over 10% of the cost of new system, then you need to replace. It's not just the initial repair you need to consider when making a decision, but you need to also think about future break downs and their costs. Repairing an old system may get you temporary relief, but buying a new system gets you a new warranty, and Peace of Mind.

5. Your System has a refrigerant leak, AND uses Freon(R-22)

By now, most people have heard that Freon(R-22) has been phased out, and is going to become harder and harder to get. All the new systems use Puron(R-410a), and it is cheaper and better for the environment than it's predecessor. The price for R-22 has also skyrocketed due to shrinking supply. This is why, if you have a Freon system, and have a leak, it makes much more sense to replace. The cost of Freon, parts, and labor will often be a large portion of a new system price.....without a factory warranty.

Hopefully, these 5 checklist items will make it easier for you to know when to replace your HVAC equipment. The best course of action is to have your system regularly maintained. Cool Casa technicians can inform you of any issues before they become emergencies, and help guide you through the decision making process. Ultimately, the decision to buy a new Air conditioning and heating system is yours, and Cool Casa will help you make the best choice you and your family.

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