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Cool Casa's Guide to Spring in Rockwall | Rockwall, Texas

All Hail is about to break loose in the North Texas area.

If you've lived in the Rockwall area for any length of time, you know, spring brings tornados, hailstorms, and an annoying late freeze to north Texas. Cool Casa air can't help with the Tornados, but we can with the other two.

The Late Freeze

If you survived February '21, and your system heated well, then you're probably going to withstand anything March or April throw our way.

However, if your gas furnace or electric air handler didn't perform well, made strange noises(this is a biggie), or odd odors, You should have it inspected by our trained technicians! Furnace failures can be devastating to property, or even fatal.

Don't take chances with an old furnace!

Hail The Size of Your Head

Ok, here's the one you're here for, Hail. What to do about hailstorms, and the damage to your air conditioning equipment. There are some ways to prevent it, and several ways to deal with it after the fact.

The most common type of damage from hail is damage to the condenser coil.

Damage this bad isn't getting 'combed out'. 🤣

Prevention with protection is the best option, but not always an option with some air conditioning systems. Units equipped with louvered metal cases, like the Amana air conditioners, have a 'bulletproof' vest against most hail. Unfortunately, not all AC equipment is made to the same standards.

Some homes have brick walls or fences surrounding the machines, and this can mitigate a lot of the impacts

I've even seen an "igloo cooler" of styrofoam built around a unit before.

It's Too Late To Save It

So, what to do after you already have hail damage?

If your insurance company sees damage to the condenser, they usually allot $100-$200 to have it 'combed out' by a professional. This rarely enough to pay a reputable company to do the work. Period.

If the damage is minor, then this may be enough to get it fixed. More severe damage(this common in our area) will require hours of combing the coil fins straight, and hours of labor adds up! In the worst cases, the damage is beyond repair, and the equipment may have to be replaced.

The only way to know how bad it is, is to have it inspected by a professional.




We feel it is wise to get a second opinion from a trained Cool Casa expert, before paying the guy that knocked on your door to 'comb' it out. We will either fix the damage, or explain your best options to get your home back in order fast.

Call Cool Casa Air for all your HVAC needs. Cool Casa is the best kept secret in the Rockwall, Texas area!

You want honesty, integrity, and experience?

You just found your guy.


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