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Can a Smart Thermostat Really Save You Money? | Rockwall, Texas

First, you need to have a basic understanding of how your thermostat works in order to appreciate how much better a Smart Thermostat is.

How Thermostats Work

In the most basic sense, a thermostat is a switch, like your light switches. However, instead of flipping that switch on when you need Heating or Cooling, and off when you're comfortable, a thermostat does it for you based on room temperature.


You set your thermostat for 72 degrees on Cooling Mode. If the air temperature in your home rises above 72 degrees, the cooling will start. When the temp reaches 72 degrees, the thermostat ends the cooling cycle, and your system shuts down.

Simple right?

Three Types of Thermostats

For our purposes, there are three types of thermostats; Manual, Programmable, and Smart.

A manual thermostat has no bells or whistles. It operates exactly like our example above. This type of T-stat is the builder grade, and are becoming less popular because of the energy savings the other two types provide. These also tend to be less accurate, and made with cheaper materials.

If you have routine schedule, programmable thermostats will save you money. They can be set to cycle off while you're at work/school/gym, and cycle back on when you return. Saving you money by not running while you're not home, and, unlike Humans, it never forgets to turn the system off(unless it needs repair/replacing). Programmable t-stat are, usually, higher quality and more accurate than manual thermostats.

Smart Thermostats take it to another level. They have everything the programmable models do, but they also add features like WiFi and Humidity removal. Many of our customers love being able to control their system from their phone/tablet. Most brands like Honeywell, Nest, or EcoBee also have AI algorithms constantly calculating their next move. They are called learning thermostats because they learning how long it takes to heat or cool your home based on different conditions.

Learning Example:

Your smart thermostat is scheduled to start the heat at 8am. However, your smart t-stat recognizes that it is colder in the house than normal, and turns your system on earlier so that it you never notice the difference.

The smart thermostats also have energy saving modes, vacation modes, and, depending on the model, will even give you 7 day forecast(which it will also use to run as efficiently as possible). Some even respond to voice commands.

Are Smart Thermostat Worth the Price?

In a word, YES. The EPA estimates a smart thermostat, like those offered by Honeywell and Nest, will save you $150/YEAR. Here in Texas, where our cooling accounts for up to 80% of our energy bill, the number is likely higher. Not to mention their ease of use, and convenience features like Remote Control from your smartphone. They really are the way of the future.

Call Today, and start saving!


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