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Breathe Easy: Indoor Air Quality | Rockwall, Tx

Your home has to breathe, just like you. Otherwise, the air becomes stale, and filled with dust, moisture, smells, etc. However, outdoor air isn't free from pollutants, and it needs to be conditioned before entering your family's home. Let's see how your home takes a breathe, and learn a few tips for fresher indoor air.

How Your Home Breathes

Your home 'breathes' in a few different ways. Some are intentional(good), and some are not(bad).

As long as your allergies permit it, doors and windows can be opened to let in outside air. However, in Rockwall, Tx, this isn't advised during our summers. On the flip side, if your doors and windows are leaking air all the time, this will severely impact your home's Indoor air quality & your energy bills!!(Did You Know we do doors & windows?!)

Anywhere on your home that a wire or pipe enters the house. Joints, cracks and openings where parts of the building connect, including floors and walls.

Necessary ventilation such as spot ventilation, includes bathroom exhaust fans & kitchen vent-a-hoods.

Mechanical, whole house systems, such as ERV units are becoming more commonplace as buildings become more airtight and energy efficient. People looking for indoor air quality in Rockwall, Tx need to call Cool Casa about an ERV unit for their home.

How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Here are a few ways to get the best of both worlds.

Crack your windows on the nice, Rockwall, Tx spring days for only an hour to minimize allergens or dust from entering.

Change that air filter! North Texas homes older than 10 years probably have lots of cracks and gaps that are sucking in outside air every time the HVAC system runs. Changing your filter more often will, at least, help to clean that air. However, it will still bring hot, humid air into the home.

Balancing fresh outside air and conditioned inside air with fresh air ERV is the way of the future. That balance is achieved by purposefully drawing a set amount of air into the house, and filtering and dehumidifying it BEFORE it gets into the living areas.

If you'd like to know how to keep your indoor air quality at peak levels, contact us at

Cool Casa


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