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5 Ways to Keep Your HVAC System Running Longer in the Texas Heat

We have decades worth of experience in the air conditioning industry here in the Dallas area. That experience has allowed us to pinpoint some basic, yet important, steps every home owner can take to extend the life of their air conditioning and heating systems. Tips like these will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.


Clean Your Condenser

As your air conditioner runs, it draws air across its condenser coil. The air continues through the coil, and exits the top of the machine. As the air passes the coil, dirt, dust, grass clippings, etc get stuck there. Over time, it blocks enough airflow to damage the air conditioner and cause breakdowns. The answer is simple: Water.

Most brands recommend using only water on their coils, and, done regularly, is more than enough cleaning power; No cleaner needed!

*Note: You do NOT want high pressure. Restricting the flow with your thumb, or setting your sprayer to 'flat' or 'fan' is sufficient pressure. HIGH PRESSURE can damage your unit!!

2. Lower the Heat Load

Heat load(basically) refers to the amount of cooling that your home needs in order to maintain the indoor temperature at comfortable levels. Duct work leaks are a big cause for high heat load, as most ducts are in the attics locally. Poor insulation? Leaky Windows? The heat load on the living space goes up.

That tree finally shades part of the house? You replaced that old drafty door? Your heat load just went down.

The easiest ways to lower the heat load is fixing air leaks on your HVAC ducts, replacing drafty windows/doors, and improving attic ventilation/insulation.

3. Run it Less

So, I know from experience, this isn't a popular option in the middle of a Dallas summer, but here it is; Run your system less.

If you want a car to last, you drive it less. This concept carries over to HVAC systems. Less milage equals less wear and tear on the machinery.

As an added bonus, for every degree above 78f you set the thermostat, you'll save between 4-8% on your unit's energy usage(during summer months)....if you survive.

4. Change Your Filter

If people changed their filters as they should, 1000's of air conditioning companies near you would suddenly go out of business!

A dirty air filter isn't only bad for your indoor air quality, it's also damaging to multiple parts on your system. Increased static pressure will wear you blower motor out prematurely. If it's dirty enough, your system 'freeze up'. When this happens you'll see ice around the copper refrigerant lines.

Advanced tip: Set a calendar reminder for the same day every month, and use that to keep you on track.

Super Advanced Tip: Install a HEPA, or Media filtration system. The filters are a little bit more, but last much longer. They are rated for 6-12 MONTHS, and provide better indoor air quality. In Rockwall and surrounding areas, these filters typically reach the 1 year mark!

5. Have it Checked

There is a direct connection between longevity, and regular maintenance. Regular visits catch small issues before they become large ones. During a Cool Casa check-up, we check bearings, high voltage connections, refrigerant pressure/temp; all points of mechanical failure.

This means, if your furnace's igniter is on the verge of going out, a Cool Casa rep can replace it in the Fall so you won't be sleeping by the fire on Christmas...Unless you want to.

If you follow these 5 tips, you'll help stretch the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment.

Better yet, call the Pros at Cool Casa, and we'll take care of everything for you.

If you're looking for an air conditioning company in Dallas, Rockwall, Rowlett areas.......

You just found your guy.

Cool Casa is a Heating & Air Conditioning service company that offers solutions for both homes and businesses in Dallas, Rockwall, Collin county and surrounding areas.

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