5 HVAC Sins Homeowners Make | Rockwall, TX

Nobody is Perfect. We all make mistakes. Some mistakes can be more costly than others, in terms of money, safety, and comfort. Let's take a look at Five of the mistakes we've seen homeowners make with their HVAC systems.

Condenser Care

The condensing unit(the main outdoor equipment) is designed to draw air across it's coil. This causes dirt, dust, grass clippings, etc to stick to that coil. When the condenser coil is clogged, the system performance can be noticeably affected, and cause damage to components. If the restriction is severe enough, it can even KILL your compressor! A routine maintenance program takes care of this, and many of the other mistakes on the list.

Leave It Off

You may have been told to turn your HVAC during thunderstorms, and, I suspect, you have completely ignored this advice. Well, I'm here to tell you...TURN IT OFF. You don't have to turn it off every time it sprinkles, but turning your air conditioning system off for 5-10 minutes during bad thunderstorms WILL save your equipment from damage. Turning your thermostat to the 'OFF' position is sufficient.

Head In The Sand

As a Homeowner, you know your home better than anyone, and better than you think. You know the sounds your home makes. How the home should feel. After all, you spend more time there than anyone else. That's why, when something changes, you notice. Sadly, too many homeowners in the Rockwall, TX area, ignore these signs. That Denial, doesn't make the problem go away. At the first sign of any funny business, Call for Service, rather than write it off as a 'FLUKE'.

Just Change It

In our busy world, lots of things get lost in the hustle. One of the most common Air conditioning sins is, not changing your filter often enough. Admit it, you probably need to change yours right now. If everyone changed their filters on time, we'd have a lot less business. A clogged air filter can cause A LOT more damage than you might expect. Including blower motors/wheels, Evaporator Coils, and even your Compressor! (Spoiler: Those are expensive fixes).

Ounce Of Prevention

The absolute best choice you can make for your HVAC system is to join a maintenance program, like our Cool Club. We make two scheduled visits per year, and inspect, clean, and fix minor issues, BEFORE they become major ones. It is also required by the manufacturers that you have the equipment maintained regularly. Failure to do so can VOID your factory warranty. We've seen it, and had to be the bearer of bad news; Not fun for either of us.

You're Now A HVAC Master

Are these all the mistakes you can make as a homeowner? Oh, heavens no! There's plenty of other ones. If you're inventive enough, you might even find some new mistakes. That could be fun for all of us.

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